Top Nada, No. 1

December 12th, 2013

Top Nada is a whole lot of nothing. Not Billboard, not Soundscan, definitely not a Hype Machine. It’s not the latest, it’s not throwbacks, it’s not clever and eclectic. It’s whatever gets to my tired ears and gives them an ounce of hope. A couple songs every week. The best of Robzilla, your dude with the record collection… like the slickest hard drive you know.


So one of New York’s best DJs, Eli Escobar, got his hands on the original recording session from Madonna’s 1984 single “Borderline” and stripped it down to just emotions. In the ’80s, I believe we called these dub remixes. In Soundcloud times, we call them godsends.


Cover image of Madonna's "Borderline"



So I don’t really watch Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, so I don’t know much about K. Michelle’s bad behavior on the show, but I’m willing to forgive a lot of things for the heat she brings here. Thugged-out R&B in slow motion. Ciara and Rihanna, get nervous.


If I don’t remix this track for the club, someone come smack me.



And then last up this week is a bouncy disco edit from Sweden’s Tobtok. The track is called “Pegasus.” Where yall get these amazing soul samples from I’ll never know. I’m gonna be saving this track all winter long like a squirrel and then when the spring comes you’ll know what’s up. This appeared on Heavy Records’ compilation called This Is Heavy Disco, Vol. 2, so you know where to get it.



That’s this week’s installation of Top Nada. Hit me up on Twitter with your tracks — I’m @robzilla212.


This DJ takes requests. I mean actually probably not, but impress me! We out hurrr.


-ROBZILLA from that 212