Get Ready to Go: Robzilla’s 2013 in Photos

January 2nd, 2014

Now that everyone’s a photographer, I’m a photographer too. These were shot mostly on an iPhone, some on a garbage old Blackberry, some on a Sony NEX-6. I shot a couple thousand photos this year and these were the ones that really spoke to me.


They go chronologically from January 1st, 2013, through to December 30th. Shout out to raging turtle guy in the last photo.


Run di track…


Nkechi, San Francisco, 1/1/13


The homie Grady, NYC, January 4th


Truer Words. Manhattan, 1/8/13


John Pugh of Free Blood, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 1/26/13


Access Denied. Guitar Center, Manhattan, 1/27/13


The Morning After. East Village, 1/30/13


Back for More. Artist unknown. Manhattan, 2/12/13


This Way. Blurry but I likes. 2/12/13


Welcome to Jamrock, Robzilla. Kingston, 2/20/13


Homies around the jukebox at Chinna Smith’s spot in Kingston, Jamaica, 2/23/13


Kingston vibes at Chinna’s place, 2/23/13


Tony pon di rock, outside Kingston, 2/24/13


Ghost Lion, the leftovers of a stencil at Gabriel Selassie’s place in the Kingston Hills, 2/24/13


The Scream, East Fuckin Village, 3/7/13


Young Ori La Rock… Y’Zeen? Lower East Side, 3/30/13


Rave Embrace, Chinatown NYC, 4/20/13


Walking Dead Met. Some subway station, 4/24/13


The Chief. Recording digging on the sidewalk in the East Village, 4/30/13


Nashville’s own Joshua Black Wilkins, Bowery Electric, 5/1/13


Mud Summery. East Village, 5/10/13


Saxophone Practice. East Village, 5/29/13


Puerto Rico Flyin, Astor Place, Manhattan, 6/9/13


Bloom Brothers, Manhattan 6/21/13


Bowery Foundations, Manhattan, 6/25/13


The Man They Call Ticklah, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, 7/12/13


Riding Around and Gettin It. East Village, 7/23/13

Robzilla and his FIT, taken by the homie Jeff Kriksciun, Williamsburg, 7/29/13


Bargain Tings, Harlem 8/16/13


The Beebe Man Can. East Village, 8/17/13


And Justice for All, East Village, 9/6/13


Le Baron Lives and Walks, East Village, 9/12/13


Olu’s birthday, Tribeca Grand, 9/25/13


Yes, We Do. Unknown location, 9/27/13


Was Here. East Village, 10/3/13


Adventure Time Riders. Greenpoint, Brooklyn, 10/4/13


Dance Party USA, upstate New York 10/5/13


Double-fisting di Jellies, Dream Downtown, 10/18/13


Long Shadows in Port Royal. Back in Jamaica. Halloween 10/31/13


Tropical Fort, Port Royal, Jamaica, 10/31/13


I Like the Way You Work It. Port Royal, Jamaica. 10/31/13


Hahaha… more Port Royal, 10/31/13


Salute the Don, Port Royal, 10/31/13. My Halloween lol


Kingston Thugs. Shot from out of Kryssie’s car window, 11/1/13


Ruhhhh, Kingston, 11/1/13


Young Chop On the Beat, Negril, Jamaica, 11/2/13


Craft. Negril, Jamaica, 11/2/13


Wild Coyote. Near MoBay, I think. Jamaica 11/3/13


Inside an abandoned home near Ochie, found a rasta squatter’s pride, 11/3/13.


Never found the squatter, phew.

Swoon. Port Maria, Jamaica, 11/4/13


No Shoes. St. Mark’s Place, East Village, 11/27/13


Low Out. Soho, NYC, 11/30/13


Weird Plants Cute, Soho, NYC, 11/30/13


Legendary East Village tile man Jim Power with the youngin Poolboy 92, Second Avenue, 12/13/13



Basically the last CD store in Manhattan. Sounds on St. Mark’s, 12/13/13


Night Train, Webster Hall, Manhattan, 12/19/13


Run di Track. Raging Turtle at the Major Lazer show, Manhattan, 12/30/13

I’ll see you out there in 2014 then.
– Zilla