Rob began his DJ career on college radio and quickly moved to parties and producing music. Raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, he didn’t consider becoming a DJ until hearing about the radio station at Dartmouth College. After graduating he moved to Portland, Oregon and became a resident DJ at the city’s best electronic music club, Holocene. Arriving in New York City, he and three partners launched Brooklyn’s Alldisco night, which was named one of the Village Voice’s Best Parties of NYC in 2005.

He began working with American Apparel, becoming the company’s go-to DJ for promotional events in its New York stores. He went on an American Apparel national tour in 2008, DJing in retail locations and clubs on the East Coast and Midwest. He’s DJed over 500 events over his 13-year career. His musical specialties are hip-hop (spanning today’s tracks to classics), ‘80s new wave, disco, and reggae. He also produces music and is currently working on his first EP. He lives in the East Village.


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